Nikki Lee

I’m a designer



person who likes to make stuff.

I have over five years of experience making (mostly web) stuff.

My favorite part of making stuff for the web is… absolutely everything! From brainstorming and wireframing, to high-fidelity mocks and front-end development, I enjoy getting my hands dirty throughout the entire process.

I’m currently at Timshel, working on The Groundwork: a tech platform for nonprofits that helps them reach more supporters, fundraise better, and make a bigger impact.

Before Timshel, I made web stuff for Jukely, Beatport, Finalsite, and Clique Studios. While at Beatport, I got to talk about the work I was doing on this episode of the "Responsive Web Design Podcast."

Loki and Porkchop the dogs

Sometimes I make non-web stuff, just to spice things up. I’ve been known to dabble in illustration, hand-lettering, stationery design, and even embroidery.

And sometimes I don’t make anything! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs and cat, cooking, eating, yoga, and rewatching Mad Men over and over because I have a problem it’s the best show ever made.

I orginally hail from Connecticut, but am currently residing in Milwaukee, WI. I've spent time in the amazing cities of New York and Chicago, as well.

I'm so excited to hear from you!

Loki the dog is very excited.

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Porkchop the dog is such a jerk sometimes.

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